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I am delighted to be only the second person in Ireland  offering this fantastic new treatment for lifting and sculpting the face naturally. It is extremely popular in the U.S., Eastern Europe and the U.K., for its amazing results.

Face Re-Modelling is a totally holistic treatment for those who want to naturally lift, tone and sculpt the face and neck.

This is an advanced method of  myofascial and intraoral massage techniques, with facial cupping and face taping to give spectacular results to the muscles of the face and neck.






buccal intra oral massage

buccal intraoral massage

The treatment begins with a deep tissue upper back and neck massage to loosen the area before beginning on the décolletage, neck, face and head.

Sculpt Out – multilevel face massage – working on the muscles, fascia and fat, no oil

Sculpt In –  buccal (intraoral) massage – working inside the mouth

Vacuum Cupping – working with glass cups on the face using organic facial oil.

Face Taping – work with kinesio tape on the face


It works on all 5 level of the skin                                                     Improves skin texture, colour and elasticity

Reduces lines on forehead and frown lines                                   Improves blood and lymph circulation

Reduces nasal labial lines and lip lines                                          Improves muscle tone and collagen fibres

Lifts eyebrows and opens the eyes                                                  Improves lip fullness and improves colour

Reduces eye bags and puffiness                                                       Stimulates acupressure points and internal organs

Lifts cheeks                                                                                           Relieves jaw tension and stress

Contours and sculpts the face                                                           Reduces lines and wrinkles

Improves face symmetry                                                                    Stimulates the lymphatic system

Reduces double chin                                                                           Alleviates headache, jaw pain and migraine

Lengthens neck and improves shape, texture and lines               Helps reduce T.M.J. and Bruxism

Improves wellbeing                                                                              Reduces puffiness, congestion and acne

Detoxifies the skin                                                                                 Better nourishment of skin and muscles

Reduces declination of blood capillaries and helps create new ones

Non invasive, natural and holistic alternative to Botox and fillers

Immediate results from one treatment  but if you really want to change your face and get long lasting results  4-6 weekly or bi weekly treatments are recommended, followed by monthly upkeep.

Full treatment- 90 mins €110

Modified 60min €75

Extended treatment including  double cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask 120 mins – €140