Feather and Crystal Smudging Fan


Traditional Native American Indian feather fan to use with sage for smudging.

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Feather and Crystal Smudging Fan.

Traditionally used by the Native American Indians to fan sage or sweetgrass, to disperse the smoke into the area you wish to cleanse of negative energy.

Can be used with any smoking herb like sweetgrass, mugwort, lavender, cedar or incense for example. Just light your sage until you have smoking embers and use the fan to disperse the smoke.

Made with goose, partridge and raven feathers each fan varies and is handmade. Every fan has a clear quartz crystal point attached, known for healing, the stone of power that amplifies an intention, it protects against negativity and enhances spiritual abilities.


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Weight .008 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 6 cm

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