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I am delighted to offer this fantastic new treatment.

Treat your whole body while also improving your face! Such a relaxing, restoring treatment.

Trained in the Bergman method, facial reflexology offers all the benefits of tradition reflexology with the added benefits of improving the look of the face. Trained in The London School of Reflexology, Regents Park with Ziggy Bergman.

It promotes the facial muscles to relax and encourages increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Lifting and improving the skin tone and giving a wonderful glow to the face.

By working on specific  points on the face that correspond to different areas of the body, it promotes balance and a feeling of well being. Just like tradition reflexology it can treat many ailments from insomnia, stress, digestive problems, sinus and headache to name but a few. I have recently been working on a lovely client with bells palsy with some positive results.

1 hour €65