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What is Menopause Reflexology?

This is a unique transformative one of its kind reflexology treatment for menopause is unlike any other, specifically designed by The London School of Reflexology. Working the face, hands and feet the focus of the treatment aims to reduce symptoms of menopause on a physical, emotional and energetic level while lifting your mind, body and spirit.

Reflexology has been found to be very effective in helping both the physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause without the side effects associated with drug based treatments. Reflexology helps to regulate the peripheral nervous system, achieved by stimulating the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and the thymus reflex points. It can also make some of these changes bearable and relieve the stress and tension that can cause so many side effects.

This unique new treatment combines Facial, Hand & Foot Reflexology. Tailored around each clients specific symptoms and needs to bring balance to your body.

Not only will you receive the Facial, Hand & Foot Reflexology treatments but also help & advice around diet & nutrition, stress, sleep, hot flashes, liver and hormone support while improving the look of your face as a added bonus.

This powerful treatment will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, balanced and feeling more like yourself.

12 sessions are recommended for best results, weekly, bi weekly or monthly but one session will still help ease symptoms.

This is a 90-minute treatment but can also be adapted to 60 minutes

60 minutes – €70     90minutes – €95                                 Menopause Reflexology