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Finally a facial that actually makes an immediate visible difference to your skin and face!

Using a mixture of several different massage, reflexology and facial techniques I have learned over the last 15 years as a busy working holistic therapist to give your face and facial muscles a total workout, with the added health benefits of some reflexology reflexes!

Your facial and neck muscles are worked, skin in smoothed and lifted, fine lines and wrinkles are softened, eyes are opened and lifted, cheeks, jaw line, chin and neck are sculpted. Pores are closed and the whole face looks plumped, with better tone, texture and glowing with radiance! Basically an immediate visible difference to you whole face.

This facial begins with hot towels, a double cleanse using a facial cleaning oil, followed by a cream cleanse, tone, exfoliation,  using fabulous products combining nature and science, botanical extracts like green tea, rose and high performing actives like niacinamide and vitamin c.  The magic comes from working deep into the muscles with specific massage techniques.

Below are just some of the facial courses I have qualified in.

As it says in the name it is a bespoke treatment so it is different each time totally bespoke to your individual needs and concerns.

I use a combination of the ancient Japanese Gua Sha, Acupressure Roller, Quartz Spheres, Crystal Wand, Copper Kansa Wand, Facial Cups, Ice Globes, Crystal Rollers and Rose Quartz Eye mask.

This beautiful treatment includes neck and head massage with lymph drainage.

Great for sinus issues, migraine, congestion and puffiness

Bespoke Visible Difference Facial is also really good for anyone who finds it hard to switch off or who has a busy mind as it promotes total relaxation, 80% of clients nod off!

Works brilliantly as a one off treatment or for lasting effects it is recommended to have 6 within 12 weeks then 1 a month for upkeep.

1 Hour 15 min for €80

1 hour 30 mins for €95

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