Holistic Massage – this massage is tailored to you and your individual needs. The focus is to balance mind, body & soul. Pressure ranges from light to heavy, relaxing to vigorous  depending on which you prefer.

Aromatherapy massage – Using essential oils catered for your individual needs to help with  treating mind, body & soul. Pressure is from light to firm or whichever suits you.

Zone Facelift –  lift your face and spirit naturally, a fabulous facial treatment using facial reflexology,  face lifting massage, lymph drainage, crystal’s,  smudging, visualisation  and ancient techniques. Look 10 years younger in 12 weeks.

Natural Face lift, Facial Rejuvenation- specific massage moves stimulate collagen helping to lift, tone and smooth the face, skin feels and looks better, helping to reduce expression lines, wrinkles, texture and tone, great for puffiness, headache and sinus as it works on lymphatic drainage.

Holistic Facials- Neals Yard Organic products or Skin Truth products. Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, serum, eye and lip cream and face cream, all chosen for your specif skin type, face, neck, head, decolletage, arm, hand and foot massage included. A fabulous treatment for face and body.

Facial Reflexology – All the benefits of regular reflexology but on the face instead of the feet.  Every organ in the body can be worked and brought into balance by working reflex points, a really relaxing enjoyable treatment, most clients fall asleep. Added benefits are an improvement in the look of your face, lifting and giving a healthy glow, also helps with lymphatic drainage of the face.

Reflexology – can treat the whole body by working on the feet, every organ in the body can be worked and brought into balance by working reflex points, a really relaxing enjoyable treatment, most clients fall asleep.

Ante natal reflexology – is brilliant for both mother and baby can help with all pregnancy conditions and produces a relaxed baby. Can help to ease the negative symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness, swelling, back, hip pain etc, can also be used to turn a breech baby.

Fertility Reflexology- By working specific reflexes on the feet like the ovaries, Fallopian tubes and uterus as well as hormones, you can bring the body into balance, helping to regulate periods and can also be used working along side fertility clinics. Relaxation can be very important while going through difficult procedures such as egg harvesting etc.

Indian Head Massage- Ancient traditional movements all concentrated on the upper back, neck, head & face. Excellent for migraine, headache and neck tension.

Pregnancy Massage – Mother to be is treated to a relaxing massage to ease away any aches and pains from the pregnancy, great for mom and baby too.

Reiki- universal healing method, to help to calm and sedate the whole body and mind.

Onsite- corporate events- let us come to your business and offer 15 minutes massage during your lunch break

Hot Stone massage- using natural basalt stones, heated up, you are massaged with the hot stones, great for easing knots and tension in the muscles.

Deep Tissue massage – this massage is deeper and excellent for anyone who has aches & pains or some injury. Knots and tension will be worked out.

Ayurvedic facelift with kansa wand-  a beautiful treatment using oil to work the marmur points using a copper wand lifting and toning the look of your face.

Hopi ear handling – great for build up of wax, sinus issues, ear issues. A natural beeswax candle is placed in the ear to release pressure from the ear canal. Followed by face and head massage. Very relaxing treatment




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