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Corporate events – let me come to your business and offer 15 minutes massage during your lunch break! This fully-clothed, non-intrusive massage uses a unique series of pressure points and stretches on the back, neck and shoulder area, leaving you feeling relaxed, invigorated and ready to return to work with renewed concentration. It is performed on a specially designed chair and is ideal to be carried out in any workplace during a coffee break.

Corporate chair massage has been proven to significantly relieve stress as well as helping to prevent work-related disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injury, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs, while also improving employee morale, increasing productivity and efficiency and creating a more positive work environment.

Enrich your workplace, reduce stress and boost staff morale with my chair massage service delivered at your office. If you care about the growth and development of your employees and what they can do for your business, make in-office chair massage a regular part of your organisation’s employee benefits program today.